About Us

  • 12.06.2017
  • 24

Blues Passion was mostly developed with the basic goal of satisfying the requirement of the local guitar market for guitar parts and devices. The growing appeal and widespread advancement of music created a need for alternative sources for musical instrument procurement. Instrument gamers and music lovers remained in search of an outlet that is both trustworthy and trustworthy.

Blues Passion reacted by deciding to broaden its line of product to a total choice of musical instruments. Consequently, Blues Passion had the ability to contribute support and end up being an instrument in the extensive love and event of music.

Blues Passion remains encouraged; utilizing over 150 workers, accommodating more than 60 dealerships and running 21 retail outlets found in various mall across the country. The brand name uses a larger and gradually thriving collection of brand names of musical instruments and devices Blues Passion development and development is generally associated to its reasonable management, high quality and price of items, group of extremely trained personnel and enthusiasm for extending the love of music. For many years to come, Blues Passion will continue to stand firm in widening its reach and boosting its service for music enthusiasts all over.

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